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I am currently focusing on four projects out of a gajillion of them, which are lost in their own maze of folders in my hard drive. To make it easy for me to switch the moods and to keep work going, I have put them in a USB, and left only the two main ones in my computer. I write them regularly, whatever I feel like every day. Though I have decided on names, they’re not something I wish to disclose at this stage.


This is my current focus, and the novel that I wrote in NaNoWriMo. I call it Project Power because it centres around power and politics (I would call it Power Project but then it sounds like an electricity generation scheme). I’ve written the first draft and am rewriting it/revising it.

The reason I’m having to rewrite it rather than revise it, as is my mission with every book to preserve the original draft, is because the first one had many subplots that didn’t get wrapped up or some characters were not fleshed out or their were contradictions in it, and there was so much to fix that I simply couldn’t do it while revising. There were new plotlines and characters to add, and plot points had to be changed for more realistic plot points, characters needed to be developed from the ground up and character relationships needed to be built, the story needed a better pacing and there was far too much to do.

If I had gone back in the original draft and edited it, I would have been so confused and the draft would get muddled up with old and new ideas, so, to keep myself from going mad, it was better to rewrite. I’ve made it suuuper far into the rewrite in just a few weeks and hope to continue that pace.

I update and give news on word count on my Instagram Stories onĀ @faizan.soofi.

I’ve pulled back all other projects to focus on this one, including Instrumental Gods. Why? I was halfway through editing Instrumental Kings at the same time when I was halfway through writing Instrumental Gods, when I realised I did not want to write in this world anymore, and wanted to move on. So I ended the story in Instrumental Kings (without telling anyone, obviously) and so its likely there won’t be any Instrumental Gods, because there’s no point to it; the story is already over.