I am currently focusing on four projects out of a gajillion of them, which are lost in their own maze of folders in my hard drive. To make it easy for me to switch the moods and to keep work going, I have put them in a USB, and left only the two main ones in my computer. I write them regularly, whatever I feel like every day. Though I have decided on names, they’re not something I wish to disclose at this stage.


This is a fantasy book that I am co-writing with a cousin. As I’m very secretive about this, I will only say that co-writing is a very fun experience and I encourage others to try it. It’s a very interesting learning experience and also gives the other a reader’s experience, and that’s all I will say.


This is a contemporary book also in mild collaboration with my cousin. As I haven’t gotten far into writing it, that’s all I will say about it. But it is set in Lahore, Pakistan, and centres around a fourteen-year-old.


This is my current focus, and was written just this past November. It is what I like to call medieval political fantasy – a blend of Game of Thrones, and history itself. It’s set in an alternative universe, in a medieval era, but centres around kings and queens as well as commoners and the main ideas concern political intrigue, war, strategy, love, friendship and action.