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Instrumental Queens was my second ever book. It was my first actual novel that I wrote, and it’s also my first series project. I started writing it at around when I first got my Dell Laptop, which was somewhere around when I was nine. It was written first as a prequel to Instrumental Kings, which was written before, but it eventually came out as a full first book rather than just a prequel.


Instrumental Queens follows the story of two sisters, Clary and Lily, who are the daughters of a fisherman called Pringle. One day, a man called ‘Harrod’ arrives at their doorstep and asks if he could spend the night there. But when Clary listens closely to their conversation, she realises that there is much more to it than just a ‘place to stay.’ She realises that in order to escape being sold away to this brute of a man called Harrod, the two sisters must flee far away from their father. However, things take a turn when they fall into an alternate universe called Downworld, where they meet the sun god Ra, who tells them that they must save Ravannah from demons by breaking a prophecy – or let the kingdom rot away. The fate on Downworld is hinging on their shoulders.