instrumental kings

Title: Instrumental Kings
Author: Faizan Aslam Soofi
Released: 2017

Instrumental Kings is the second and final book in the Quotus Instruments duology. It picks up right after its predecessor, Instrumental Queens left off, but in a completely different location with a completely new cast of characters facing new problems.

Synopsis: For eight long years, Ravannah has reigned over Seattle, ravaging the city, turning people into inhuman creatures of immense strength and speed — turning them into vampires. Newt Wrathbone is seventeen when he comes to Seattle. There he meets the mysterious Lintons who talks of a world of demons and magic beneath them. As Ravannah spreads across Seattle, Newt and the Lintons must find the Silver Stone and bring it back to where it belongs. And should they fail, Ravannah will continue to spread and the Underworld will remain under the demons forever.


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