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instrumental kings frontEven though Instrumental Kings is my fourth book, it was written before Instrumental Queens, the first book in the fantasy trilogy, the Quotus Instruments. It was actually among some of the first book ideas I had that ended up as actual books, not just ideas. So don’t expect too much from it. I wanted to preserve the original draft within the final draft, so editing was done very sparingly.

Thus, it’s not going to be as detailed and as linear as Instrumental Queens was. Although Kings is a sequel to Queens, it is not important to have read the latter before reading Kings. It will involve a lot of backstory on some characters, as well as the world, and some minor references to Kings, as Kings gives references to Queens. I would recommend Queens, over the sequel, because it’s stronger book, but you can go as you wish. However, it will be important to read Kings in order to understand the upcoming and final wrap-up, Instrumental Gods.

I personally think that Queens is a more character-based story, i.e. one gets to know the characters more and had the plot not existed, the characters would still have purpose, which makes it much stronger and impactful. Whereas Kings is more plot based, i.e. the characters are not the strong part of the book.

Two years after the events of Queens, it follows the story of Newt Wrathbone, an orphan who moves to Seattle. A year after his arrival, a disease called Ravannah spreads there, turning people into blood-thirsty vampires. In his new high school, Newt finds home in the mysterious Lincoln brothers, who Newt discovers have been infected by Ravannah. But they have a bigger story to tell– about a world

of light engulfed by darkness– darkness that only Newt can help them destroy.

And if you’re wondering, yes, you will see Clary and the others in the later parts of the book, and they will be key characters.

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