Hello! My name is Faizan Aslam Soofi and I’m a twelve-year-old author of three books. The fourth is currently under publishing process. I’ve loved writing, journaling, notebooks, and pens ever since I was a little kid, and I started writing my first book when I was eight and the moment my fingers hit the keyboard and the cursor started moving across that Word Document, I knew I loved writing and I wanted to continue it. Writing is my passion and as cruel as this sounds, I love it because it gives me the freedom to create and control.

I love lots of things like reading, watching movies and tv shows, writing (obviously), photography and film making, the internet, youtube, etc. Other stuff I like is namely (in no particular order) cloudy weather, my room, notebooks, my laptop, my bookshelf, my family, bread, chocolate, and hot baths.


I originally started writing poems, and I started novel-writing when I was eight by hand in a notebook. I didn’t really realize how serious this piece of writing was and didn’t deem it worthy enough to be shown to my parents, but one day, my father found out as he was going through the papers on my desk (he’s not as strict as it sounds, trust me). He encouraged me a lot, and we had little ‘readings’ in the family where we’d all sit down as read my work or my brother’s and appreciate it. I think it was the age of nine when I demanded a laptop of my own (I previously had shared one with my brother) and a few days later when my father came back from his office, he dropped a brand new Dell laptop on my bed. I started writing immediately, (it already came installed with Microsoft Word and all), and I continued to write on it for the next few years.

I loved writing. After I got my laptop, my exposure to the world of books increased through watching book videos on youtube and reading book blogs. And the more I read, the more ideas I got. Back then I had a folder in my computer called ‘ideas’ and it was full of outlines and plots and stories that I had ideas for but wasn’t writing yet.

I started spending my time in typing what became my debut novella, Howl. I also started writing what was then, a book called ‘Ravannah’.


I first published Howl in January of 2015, and officially become known as ‘Mr. Writer’ among my relatives and friends. None of them really read my book, but they did appreciate it nonetheless, and I had no problem with that. I continued to write and a few months later, I had already finished writing my second book, Instrumental Kings. It was originally set to be three separate novels, but I added them all together in one. In August of 2015 my mother finished editing it and in the end of August

I continued to write and a few months later, I had already finished writing my second book, Instrumental Kings. It was supposed to originally be three separate novellas, which I decided to combine into one book. Before editing it, I became intrigued with two of the characters which I wanted to explore more. So I decided to write three prequel novellas about these two mysterious girls, which ended up being Instrumental Queens.

Then, around July, my laptop broke down and I lost a lot of my works. Some of them were recovered, but huge chunks of Instrumental Queens weren’t because I used to make a new file for a new chapter, just to be organized. So I had to write them again on a new Apple laptop, and it was a huge pull back for me.

In August of 2015 my mother and I finished editing the book and in the end of August five-hundred, newly printed copies of Instrumental Queens arrived at my doorstep. Later that month we had a signing and reading session of Instrumental Queens in Islamabad. In January 2016 I had already finished the sequel to Instrumental Queens, Instrumental Kings a long time ago but before moving to that, I had compiled a collection of short stories, plays, and a novella, and in February of 2016, it came out as Belle and Other Stories, my third book.


My fourth book is now out, Instrumental Kings. I plan to wrap up the series with a third and final book, Instrumental Gods, which I am halfway through.

As for my writing, I continue to write in completely different worlds of completely different stories. I guess you can say I’ve learnt a lot, and that every book I write is a stepping stone towards another better book. And though I’ve stepped on a lot of stones, I still have many more stones to step on.