A Self-Reflection on My Work

So it’s been some time since I sat down and thought about my own published works. I’ve just been so occupied with moving forward and writing other books and outlines, that I have completely forgotten about the past.

So as usual, let’s start with a disclaimer. I fully believe in failing, because failures are the stepping stones to success, and I am very happy with myself. Despite what I’m about to write in this following blog post, I am very thankful and grateful to everyone who has supported me, and very thankful to God, who gave me this talent and strength, but…there are things I wish I had done differently.

A Self Reflection on My Work Faizan Aslam Soofi

I Should Have Spent More Time on My Work

I don’t know really who to blame for this. My dad or myself. I suppose both of us had an equal role to play in this regret (which is not mutual regret, by the way).

Back then, I was in such a hurry to complete and publish my books, especially with my father whispering in my ear (refer to previous blog posts), that I never really put effort into it.

Four published books at age 13 may look like a real effort, but in fact, it shows quite the opposite. It shows that the books aren’t as good as they would have been had I spent more time and effort in them.

I Should Have Written Original Content

It’s no secret. Anyone who reads my books knows immediately. My books are not as original. You can see clearly the books that inspired them. It gets better, with each book, but it’s still not…mine. 

That’s what I hate. It’s not mine. I’m calling it mine. I’m not saying it’s a rip-off because that’s different – I’m saying it’s similar to other books. A little too similar.

I Should Not Have Published Work I Wasn’t Proud Of

And what makes it worse? I knew. Going into publishing, I knew, I think, deep down, that this was not the work I was completely proud of.

Had I known how much I would regret this years later, I would not have done it. Though it can be argued that publishing at the time gave me a name to build myself up and made it easier to sell the book and gave me an indestructible record of my past work, I still feel like I should not have published it.

I Should Have Consulted Other People

This is something I’ll always remember from now on. Before publishing, the only person who truly read my book was my mom. And I feel as though I should have given it to other people – specifically those who had read the books I had read, and the ones who had lived in the worlds I had lived in, so they could give me more feedback.

My mother was able to give me feedback and help me edit on grammar, spelling, structure, etc. But she wasn’t able to give me feedback on plot and originality and the world and the names and so much more. That feedback I could only get from a person who had read the books that had inspired these ones, and again, who was like me.

And that’s all the things I wish I would have done differently with my past works. Let me know what you think down below.


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