Music I Listen to While Writing

As I mentioned in my previous post, I mostly listen to music while writing to get me in the mood. And if I don’t have music, I find it hard to concentrate on writing. I may or may not have promised in that post that I will do this post, but whatever the case, here’s some music I listen to while writing. 


Because most of my books are fantasy, these soundtracks work best for me. There are three helluva long movies that I can pick from, and it’s easy as that. I love all the soundtracks. The movies also provide a great variety of soundtracks from romance and action to mystery and sadness. So I definitely recommend googling some of them up and choosing from them. My favourite ones are Give up The Halfling, Theoden King, Farewell to Lorien, The Fighting Urk Hai, One Ring to Rule Them All, Home is Behind, and The Breaking of the Fellowship.


Again, a classic. I love a lot of Harry Potter soundtracks. They provide much more variety than the previously mentioned ones, because there’s eight movies packed with romance, mystery, death, magic, action, and all sorts of things that work in my stories as well. My favourite ones are The Courtyard Apocalypse, Harry’s Sacrifice and The Chess Game, but I also have others that I use.


I loved this movie. From the VFX and the graphics to of course – the music and the soundtracks. I literally have the most soundtracks from this movie, and it even beats the number of Harry Potter soundtracks I have. Even though this wasn’t as similar to my stories as the above, but the music fits my stories like a shoe. My all time favourites are Warriors on the Beach, White Horse and Escape from the Tower. Because my books always contain running, fighting and magic scenes, I listen to them more than half of the time I spend writing.


I’ve been a massive MASSIVE fan of this series all my life. And even though my current writings are NOTHING like it, I listen to a lot of its soundtracks. They fit in beautifully. My favourites are mostly the ones with action, like, The Games Begin, The Fog, Monkey Muts, and Arena Crumbles.


Another classic. I started the tv show back in June of 2016, and then I read the first book, then watched the second season, and I fell in love the moment I clicked play on that pilot. The soundtracks are heavenly. Heavenly. They legit make my story. My favourites are Lawless, Castle Leoch, Fallen Through Time, Veil of Time, A Dance With Druids, and of course, The Skye Boat Song.


When it comes to songs — not soundtracks, songs — I look to nowhere but Reign. Another one of my favourite tv shows, Reign has one of the best music ever. And though it’s not very popular, I love the tv show and the music itself. My favourites are Hills to Climb, Crystals, Journey, The Hunt, My Eyes, Scotland, Breathe, Kingdom Fall, Hello My Old Heart and my absolute favourite, Take Control.


Another one of the same category, Shadowhunters also has epic songs — not soundtracks — which are mostly by Ruelle, and I love them all. I listen to them mostly when I’m writing a sassy mysterious first scene. My favourites are Monsters, Live Like Legends, Storm, Invincible and War of Hearts.


When it comes to songs, again, The 100 rocks. It’s an amazing tv show that I love, and because of its depressing atmosphere, its music is incredibly emotional and is perfect for a sad scene. My faves are Empire of Our Own, Knocking on Heaven’s Door, The Other Side, and Thousand Eyes.

So that’s it for my list. I hope you got some ideas and some material to work on. That’s all for now. I’ll talk to you next time. Bye!


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