Faizan Aslam Soofi is a fourteen-year-old writer from Lahore, Pakistan. He has been writing for as long as he can remember. When he was seven, he started writing his own poems.

When he started growing his own collection of books, he transitioned into prose and fiction, writing about magical fantasy and dystopian worlds.

His debut novella, “Howl,” a dystopian work of fiction, was self-published in 2015, when he was just twelve. The following year he came out with a full-length fantasy novel called “Instrumental Queens.” The year after that saw the release of a collection of his short stories and plays, called “Belle and Other Stories.” The year after that, he came out with the sequel to “Instrumental Queens,” called “Instrumental Kings.”

The intensity with which the experiences of the transitional phase of adolescence hit him pulled him out of fantasy and set him back into writing poetry, this time about the world as he sees it, and the people around him.

Overtime, he has also found other forms of creativity to enjoy and be passionate about and express himself through as well such as art and photography.

He shares verses from his poetry on Instagram (@faizansoofi_).